School is not a comfortable place, for the poor

every citizen is entitled to education

Photos splitting of the earth, karst limestone Kebumen

Splitting of the earth, karst limestone Banyumudal, Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia. In version Black White published on the blog Photo Black White. Earth being eroded, not only eroded the ozone layer, a layer of rock was more contaminated.

Landscape lake Kebumen

This is a scenic lake in Kebumen, man-made lake is not responsible. Community exploit the southern coastal areas Kebumen. Mountains of sand as the identity of the southern coastal region Kebumen, the more danger of being lost due to human activity. They do not think about the negative impact of such

Photos of exotic, Menganti Beach

This side scene by side with images that I published earlier, views of the island. This is a beach area is still in the process of development, community initiatives to develop the tourism area, which initially only the small port of fishermen.

Photos red sea shells Menganti Kebumen

I'm back on this page show the sea slug, and this is a red snail species gradually. Their lives among rocks. This diversity of coastal Menganti, Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia.

2 Mei 2012

Butterfly caterpillar "Common Jay" @Kebumen

Butterfly Caterpillar species Common Jay, life at Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia.

lime leaves are the main food of this kind of caterpillar.

28 April 2012

Butterfly "Common Jay" @Kebumen

Butterfly species Common Jay life at Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia
This species life the lime leaves before it became a butterfly.

26 April 2012

Healthy living

Staring healthy life with healthy food.

Vegetables are one of healthy food, but were it from?

31 Maret 2012

Portrait of fruit

Portrait of fruit, apple white type, and the population of this little. Potrait at Kebumen, Central Java..

Do you like it ?

28 Maret 2012

Photo a silhouette with sunset

Photosilhouette  with sunset, model; Qoin, location at Karangsari, Kebumen.

Collection photo silhouette, expression of heavy smokers.